Sunday, June 14, 2009

Willard’s of Saba - A Must See For Every Traveler

Saba The Unspoiled Queen - Willard's Story:

Saba, an island in the Caribbean, is a remote, scenic haven rising steeply from the azure Caribbean Sea that offers travelers a magical experience far away from the cares and worries of today's hurried world. Divers recognize the island as one of the world’s top ten dive destinations and gourmet conscious travelers delight in Saba lobster. The island has a long, colorful history of pirates and legendary seamen and though today’s travelers feel they have stepped back in history, this is where the “Willard’s of Saba” story begins.

“Dreams are what we make of them”, it is said; and that is what Brad Willard did in 1991, when he first visited Saba and decided that he wanted to build a residence and a place to share with others. Saba provided a tranquil setting unlike any other in the Caribbean: a small, beautiful, and is known as the “Unspoiled Queen”, with friendly people and natural beauty beyond comparison, both above and below the surface of the ocean. Proximity to Sint Maarten/St. Martin, St. Barth, Anguilla, St. Kitts, and other larger, and quickly developing islands made it easier to get to and from Saba without the threat of overdevelopment or potential loss of its distinct charm and natural beauty.

Construction started in 1992 on “Willard’s of Saba” and was completed in February, 1994. The hotel was built on a sheer cliff face on the southeast coast of the island, 2,000 feet above sea level, the result of which is widely considered to be the most unique hotel in the entire West Indies, if not the Caribbean as a whole. This upscale hotel began catering to people that enjoyed the natural beauty and serenity afforded by the location and the island of Saba.

As beautiful as Saba is, one could spend a few days, a week, or more, at Willard’s and, without ever leaving the property, be able to enjoy their visit to the “Unspoiled Queen”. Everything a person would want is right there: peace and quiet, ambience, forever views, exercise, cuisine, a good night’s sleep, pleasant people, and much more. And then there is the next day – repeat as often as wanted!

There are comfortable rooms in the main house; or, enjoy the same comfort in one of the four cliffside “bungalows”, perched at 2000 feet above the Caribbean Sea, with views of the neighboring islands and dazzling sunsets. Play tennis, swim, work out in the gym, and “chill out” in the Jacuzzi. In the evening, dress up, or down, enjoy a good dinner, with family, friends, and/or invited guests, and relax afterward on the terrace, looking out over the ocean, with the moon shining across the water and the sparkling lights of cruise ships passing by.

This gorgeous retreat is not only an ideal place to visit for today’s traveler, it is also for sale. The owner conceived, designed, and built “Willard’s of Saba” to be his personal getaway in the Caribbean as well as a boutique hotel for the discriminating traveler. A new owner could do the same or change it to suit themselves: a private villa, a corporate retreat, a wellness spa, condominiums, a fitness center, or… Its location, existing construction, potential for expansion, and variable uses would allow many options for someone else’s “dream” to come true.

Willard’s of Saba sets a standard in uniqueness, luxury and comfort. It is highly recommended that one sees this fabulous property as a tourist or as an interested investor.

Paul Corsi

Dutch West Indies